Resources Short List

This is a distilled list of Critical Care resources. For a more complete list of over 200 Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) sites and podcasts visit Life in the Fast Lane.


Intensive Care Medicine Online Resources

Maryland Critical Care Project
Wonderful webpage created by the training ICU fellows of the Maryland university. Great talks and educational material to find!

Run by one of the founders of from the Alfred Intensive Care Unit in Melbourne. High quality intensive care resources from one of Australia’s most respected ICU’s
The Bottom Line
A great webpage collecting the most relevant studies on critical care medicine. A must to visit!

Critical Care Reviews
A wonderful page comprehensively reviewing important topics in the field of critical care medicine. You can also apply to receive emails for journal-watch information.

ICU web
A great online resource about teaching and teaching materials in critical care medicine.

Crashing Patient
A great site dedicated to the care of the acutely and critically ill patient in the emergency situation.

A blog on anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. In-hospital and outside. Mostly focusing on the critically ill patient.

Intensive Care Network
Great podcast on intensive care medicine!

Deranged Physiology
This is a very nice archive of discussions and study notes relevant to the practice of intensive care medicine.

Resus Review
A wonderful webpage with lots of relevant informations (blogs, podcasts etc.) on how to best care for critically ill and severely injured patients.

Humanizing Intensive Care
This is an interesting webpage a bit different from the rest. It serves as a forum and meeting point between patients, families and professionals dealing (among others) with ethical topics in intensive care.

ICU Room
One thing to learn about critical care everyday! One short but relevant topic to better care about your patients per day!

Critical Care Medicine Tutorials
Few but interesting tutorials on absolutely relevant topics of critical care medicine.

Cambridge Critical Care
Good journal club

East of England Intensive Care Training Website 
Very useful links to training resources


Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine Online Resources

A brilliant webpage dedicated to the topic of critical care medicine in the emergency department – it is all about how to improve our care for the sickest of the patients presenting to the emergency department.

Great webpage containing broad and important information on resuscitation, emergency and critical care medicine.

A comprehensive and highly informative webpage on all aspects of emergency medicine. The site includes several resources, protocols and useful tools! The webpage is also linked to

This is a monthly blog on emergency medicine including several interesting resources and in-depth reviews!

The Poison Review
Webpage on toxicological emergency and toxicology. Great to look through!

Prehospital Med
A wonderful blog on the science and art of (pre-hospital) emergency medicine with lots of valuable tips for practical work.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine
Highly informative and educational webpage on emergency medicine.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM ED)
Great webpage for pediatric emergency medicine.

Rebel EM
A fine webpage dealing with practical problems typically seen in emergency departments.

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