Little Patients, Big Medicine Podcast: Lactate in Pediatric Sepsis

podcast on pediatric sepsisThe first recording from Little Patients, Big Medicine: the Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Podcast. This is an exciting interview with Dr. Halden Scott, a PEM physician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, about the use of lactate measurement in pediatric sepsis. Dr. Scott is one of the premier pediatric sepsis researchers, with a specific focus on the use of lactate measurement in the ED. We talk about the Sepsis-3 definitions and whether pediatrics will eventually follow them, Dr. Scott’s previous work on lactate use in the pediatric ED, and her new article published in March of 2017 on the association between elevated lactate in the ED and 30-day mortality in children. 1–6

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Author information

Jason Woods, MD

Jason Woods, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics, Section of Emergency Medicine

University of Colorado, School of Medicine

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