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Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) is a term coined by Dr. Mike Cadogan co-founder of the free online medical education portal Life in the Fast Lane. The information on this page is reproduced from a much more in depth description in the FOAM section of Life in the Fast Lane. The goal of the Global Critical Care project is to create consolidate and curate FOAM resources for the benefit of our colleagues practicing critical care in low resource settings. More importantly we hope that this project will provide a platform for colleagues working in in resource limited settings to produce FOAM content which is specific to the unique context in which they work. Making FOAM is as easy as writing an email so please contact us if you would like to contribute.

FOAM is the movement that has spontaneously emerged from the exploding collection of constantly evolving, collaborative and interactive open access medical education resources being distributed on the web with one objective — to make the world a better place. FOAM is independent of platform or media — it includes blogs, podcasts, tweets, Google hangouts, online videos, text documents, photographs, facebook groups, and a whole lot more.

FOAM should not be seen as a teaching philosophy or strategy, but rather as a globally accessible crowd-sourced educational adjunct providing inline (contextual) and offline (asynchronous) content to augment traditional educational principles.

Why would anyone want to make FOAM?

Consider these three questions:

Q1. Have you ever spent untold hours preparing a talk that was attended by 8 people — of which a few were cognitively incapacitated by a recent night shift and the rest by post-prandial stupor? (That’s right the lowest level of expertise is not unconscious incompetence, it’s plain old unconscious!)

Q2. Did you go into medicine to help others?

Q3. Do you want a quick, easy way to establish an international reputation as an effective clinical educator?

Many of us interested in clinical education would say ‘hell yes!’ to all of these questions. That’s why it makes perfect sense for us to record videos of our presentations, turn the research we’ve done and experiences we’ve had  into a blogposts, and record our discussions as podcasts. Then share them with all the world.’

The above is an excerpt from the iTeachEM post titled Individual Interactive Instruction

FOAM is the concept, #FOAMed is the Twitter hashtag

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